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A Garden Gallery in Cornerstone Sonoma

Nestled within the lovely Cornerstone Sonoma marketplace, Potter Green & Co. offers a collection of art and accessories. The items we carry reflect the aesthetic of our enchanting county and the lifestyles of the people who live here. Pay us a visit and see just how amazing this place truly is!

Who We Are

At Potter Green & Co., we take pride in our design sensibility. We curate our collection carefully by placing a greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Our Artists

We carry the work of known artists who are locals of the bay area. These include:

Dave Byer

Dave is a classically trained artist who works with rusty found objects. This gives his style an edge that is both raw yet refined. He is known for turning railroad spikes into delicate pieces, such as graceful dancers or intimate lovers.

Debra Manfree

Debra’s interest in pottery began while she was still in high school. Stylistically, she draws her influences from the cultural and artistic climate of the San Francisco Bay Area circa the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Don Kellogg

An award-winning photographer, Don has earned widespread recognition for his innovative way of seeing light and shadows. There is nothing quite like experiencing the world through his eyes.

Ivan McLean

Ivan’s Sphere and Disc sculptures defy definition. An attempt to describe them would be large, steel structures organizing themselves into intricate and chaotic patterns akin to the cells of a complex organism. You really have to see them in person.

Marcia Dalva

Marcia loves working with clay because she finds it satisfying on many different levels. One of the reasons why is because it is so direct. By working with her hands, the changes she makes are felt immediately.

Michael Eckerman

Michael is a stonemason whose creative drive brought him into the art world. By blending the traditional style with a more free-form approach, he is able to incorporate fluid movement into his stonework.

Shelley Masters

Shelley is an alchemist whose ability to transform common environments into timeless works of art is unparalleled. Many of her commissioned pieces have made their way into the homes of some of the most prestigious residents of the bay area.

Susan Stark

Susan is deeply connected to the Earth. She draws inspiration from nature, seeing in her mind’s eye the colors and textures that one might experience in the hidden places of our beautiful planet.

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